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      Close to Heaven… Down to Earth


Mt. Blanca – 14,345′
Sangre de Cristo Mountains – southern Colorado
Mt. Blanca and Mount Lindsey from the southeast

Mt. Blanca has been a sacred place since the first Native Americans arrived
in the area thousands of years ago. It is still the setting for many strange tales
in the San Luis Valley. The photo above was taken on the side of the West Spanish
Peak, southeast of Mt. Blanca. From left to right is Little Bear, Blanca Peak, California
Peak, Mt. Lindsey, and Huerfano Peak, all among the 100 highest of Colorado. As
beautiful as they are, none of them are walk ups. The primary climbing trail goes
up the southwest side of the mountain to Lake Como and beyond on a 4×4 road rated
one of the worst in America. That usually takes enough out of you that you’ll call
it a day when you reach the vicinity of Lake Como. The next day can get you to the
top of Blanca and Ellingwood and back down the mountain. Or you can climb Little
Bear and maybe do the traverse over to Blanca, but this requires significant technical
expertise. Whatever you choose to do, this is a place where Mother Earth is very
exposed, very beautiful and very hard-faced.

primary trail
that leads to
Mt. Lindsey
comes from the north side of Blanca. For photos of the north
side please check out
Sierra Blanca
Sierra Blanca 2
Mt. Lindsey
the Lily Lake Trail

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Mt. Blanca from the southwest
Mt. Blanca from the west
Mt. Blanca from the southwest
Mt. Blanca from the southwest
Mt. Blanca from the south
Mt. Blanca from the south
Mt. Blanca from the south
Little Bear
Little Bear, Ellingwood and Blanca Peak
Little Bear, Blanca Peak and Ellingwood Point
Blanca Peak
Blanca Peak from the north, Gash Ridge is on the left
Little Bear and Mt. Hamilton
Little Bear with Hamilton behind
Blanca Peak and Little Bear
Blanca Peak, Little Bear on the left, Hamilton Peak on the right
from Zapata Ranch
Ellingwood from Zapata Ranch
Blanca Peak above Gash Ridge
Blanca Peak above Gash Ridge
north face of Mt. Blanca
Blanca on the left, Ellingwood on the right
Blanca summit pyramid
Blanca’s summit pyramid from the east
New photos of Blanca’s north wall from the Lily Lake Trail:
Mt. Blanca's north wall
The north wall
the north wall
From near Lily Lake
Gash Ridge
Gash Ridge