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Mt. Lindsey

Morning in Upper Huerfano Valley
Mt. LindseyThis small group of photos commemorates the rest of a Wednesday well spent. We were up and out early, early enough to be walking past the trailhead signs at 7:30 am. This year we had a much better idea of what we were looking for and there was much less snow in the way of us finding it. And we couldn’t have had a nicer day. The climbing was much easier because we found the trail.About 10:00 am we reached the ridge that leads out onto the northwest shoulder of Mt. Lindsey. At 13,100′, our immediate future looked to be filled with lots of rock. The south side of the ridge was sheer rock. The north side of the ridge looked like this photo on the left. We stayed on the north side.After ascending this first chute we found ourselves crossing couloir after couloir in a long ascending traverse of the rock face. The exposure was pretty constant but it wasn’t too bad. Finally we made it straight back onto the ridge and climbed a few boulders and a catwalk to get to the top. Bill felt we should have had a rope and hardware but we did fine. We were eating lunch, signing the register and taking photos at the cairn on top at 11:30.

At noon we started back down. The trail was easily lost and after a while, one rock looks just like every other rock. We basically climbed back down off of Lindsey, hand and foot, staying out of the loose stuff. It seemed to take forever but we were back in the car by 4:00 pm. We thanked each other for an excellent day in the mountains.

For the beginning of the climb please see Sierra Blanca 2.

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trail to the top
The trail to the top
the first chute
The first chute to climb
edge of the ridge
The edge of the ridge above us
west fork of Ute Creek
The West Fork of Ute Creek
Huerfano Peak
Huerfano Peak, 13,828′
Mt. Blanca
Mt. Blanca from the top of Mt. Lindsey
Mt. Hamilton
Mt. Hamilton, 13,658′
Winchell Lakes
The Winchell Lakes
Huerfano Peak
Huerfano Peak with the Crestones behind