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Bighorn Sheep Gallery


These photos were taken one fine day as we were walking along one of the great dikes near Silver Mountain. We were looking for some good shots near La Veta when we came across this group of Bighorn ewes and lambs.
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Sheep against the West Spanish Peak from Tres Valles West

Sheep against theWest Spanish Peak

Sheep on both sides of the dike

Sheep on bothsides of the dike

Bighorns enjoying the sunset

Sheep enjoyingthe sunset

4 ewes in the sun

4 ewes in the sun

A larger view of the area

A larger view of the area

Sheep climbing over the dike

Sheep climbing over the dike

Sheep just below the dike

Sheep just belowthe dike

Sheep silhouetted against La Veta

Sheep silhouettedagainst La Veta

Sheep silhouetted against the East Spanish Peak

Sheep silhouetted againstthe East Spanish Peak