Custer County

Custer County lies directly northwest of Huerfano County and is joined with Spanish Peaks Country via Highway 69. The towns of Westcliffe/Silver Cliff are the most populated towns in Custer County, although they are still very rural with many of their residents still relying on ranching for their income.

Westcliffe/Silver Cliff are tucked in the Wet Mountain Valley, which sits between the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range to the west and the Wet Mountain Range to the east, making for dramatic views in every direction.

Custer County is rich in gorgeous mountain landscapes and agricultural and mining history. Custer County residents work tirelessly to protect this history by respecting property rights, accommodating managed growth and compatible economic development, and serving as responsible stewards of their inspiring natural environment.

Cool Fact: When you look west from Westcliffe, you’ll see signature streaks of grass on a mountainside, recalling the Conquistador Ski Area. It operated from the late 1970s until 1988. During the following decade, new owners renamed and tried to revive the area but ultimately failed.

Custer County is a popular outdoor vacation spot, boasting several 14,000-foot peaks as well as numerous fishing, hiking, hunting, and camping areas.

Custer County draws many visitors with its International Dark Sky Community Designation. Thanks to the tireless work of a local non-profit, Custer County gained this designation in 2015 and is now touted as one of the best places in the world to view the stars. Visitors often view Custer County’s night sky from a free observatory and telescope in Bluff Park in downtown Westcliffe.

Custer County visitors are also encouraged to explore the county’s burgeoning arts scene as well as the scenic and historic Frontier Pathways Byway, a 100-mile drive running from Westcliffe to Pueblo, with a second branch to Colorado City. Snowcapped mountains, jagged canyons, carpeted meadows, and aspen-covered hillsides make this one of the most stunning drives in Colorado.