Why I Love Spanish Peaks Country, by Fido


Like all of my canine relatives around the world, this last year has been special because our humans have been home and doting on us all day, every day! I hear my people talking about inoculations and Dad pulled the map of Colorado out and, oh how my tail just about wagged right off.  He asked me “who’s a good boy?” and “where should we go?”

I wagged and wiggled and barked at him: “It’s good to be a dog visiting Spanish Peaks Country!!” I think he understood.

One of my favorite places is Lathrop State Park, because it has it all. Martin Lake is warm for swimming and I get to ride in the powerboat. Horseshoe Lake is peaceful and I love riding on Mom’s paddleboard! The nature trail is an awesome walk, and my itty bitty people love the playground. Dad disappears to the golf course, but none of us care because we’re having our own fun. The girl child just read the Hunger Games and can’t wait to try the archery range. And, not to get too graphic, but my people love it here because when I leave them “presents” there are places to dispose of my (ahem) waste (read why this is important). Sometimes we just come for a quick trip and car-camp in our tents, but it looks like this time we’re making reservations for a family reunion and will bring our RV this summer. I hope Aunt Cathy’s poodle gets to come.

I know we’ll go hiking, and I don’t care where, there are so many options!  What’s really nice about Spanish Peaks Country trails is they aren’t crowded and it’s natural to “social distance.” Did you know that if I lick you or you pet me and you’re not living with me and my pack that I could give you COVID-19? I wouldn’t want to, but us doggos can spread disease. My people always keep me on a leash, which I don’t mind because not all dogs are as nice as me when we cross on the trial. At the risk of being rude, my leash also helps because I don’t want to contaminate this pristine landscape with my poo, and my people are more likely to notice my droppings this way.

I am looking forward to camping this summer, but it’s ok with me when we splurge and find a warm bed to sleep on inside. I love the Hippie Train Lodge in Walsenburg, and if we call ahead I can stay at the Yellow Pine Ranch.

In conclusion, as a dog, Spanish Peaks Country is a dream vacation.  Meet me there, and bring your pooch!

With face licks and many tail wags,
Your truest friend ever,

~ Fido
PS: Please read more about how to be a responsible human and Care for Colorado while traveling with me and my furry friends.