Farley Wildflower Overlook

Farley Wildflower Overlook is a pull-off on Cordova Pass Road just east of the summit of Cucharas Pass.

The view of the meadow from the Overlook is simply spectacular as it’s a riot of color throughout wildflower season.

There are three large, interpretive boards at the Overlook, a view of West Spanish Peak, and a large wall of Dakota Sandstone below. With a good pair of binoculars, you’ll see Cuchara Mountain Resort to the left of and above the rock wall.

Looking west, you can see the top ridge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains with Trinchera Peak hidden behind the hill rising just across the State Highway.

To get to Farley Wildflower Overlook, drive to the summit of Cucharas Pass on State Highway 12. Turn east on the well-marked dirt road leading to Aguilar. The Farley Wildflower Overlook is 1/2 mile down this road.

The only “taking” of wildflowers should be the taking of photos!  If you (and all the visitors behind you) practice Leave no Trace and Care for Colorado guidance this breath-taking overlook will remain open and magnificent for years to come. Thanks in advance for being a responsible human and helping protect this vista. Read more about what YOU can do here.