Inspire Others to Travel Sustainably

Be legendary and sustainable in your travels. How do you leave no trace? Maybe your reusable water bottle is (literally) attached to your hip or you travel with six bikes to one van. We love learning new hacks to keep our environment pristine and gorgeous. A little healthy competition in this arena goes a long way, and social media is a great way to broadcast your efforts. 

Find inspiration globally on social media accounts across the world to bring change into your local travel habits. See how others leave no trace and then be legendary and spread the word on social. Check out these activists and environmentalists: 

Sam Bentley makes videos about sustainable travel and good news, leaving you with a wealth of knowledge in a brief amount of time. Find Sam on Instagram and TikTok @sambentley.

Alexis Nikole Nelson forages for food in her backyard and yours. Learn what you can cook and eat without having to go to the grocery store. Find her on Instagram @blackforager and TikTok @alexisnikole.

Now This Earth
Now This Earth explores how climate change is affecting us all, and what can be done about it.
Watch on YouTube:
Georgina is an athlete and activist, founder of, and on the board of 1% for the Planet. Follow her on Instagram.

Pattie Gonia is passionate about the outdoors and is not afraid to say it. Follow them for a wild inclusive ride into environmentalism @pattiegonia.

To see what local adventurers are doing to be legendary in Colorado, check out: @approchableoutdoors,, and @kimsjourneyinnatureslight.