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 beth  Beth and Jonathan Evans are internationally known batik artists who have exhibited their work and taught in the U.S and abroad. With his 45 tears of experience, Jonathan creates realistic batik portraits and a variety of subject matter with a unique graphic style. Beth has been practicing the art of batik for 25 years and creates a detailed vision of nature and her surroundings,recently working on a series of pointillist batik paintings.

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Beth and Jonathan Evans offer batik classes at their studio at Shalawalla Gallery in LaVeta, CO. Whether you are a beginner or want to add to your existing skills they offer classes to fill your individual needs.

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A Sample of Beth’s Batik Art

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 Colorado Canyon




Beth Evans began doing batik in 1989 while living in Cuchara, Colorado. At that time a painter, she discovered a passion for the batik medium. Self taught, she experminted extensively with wax, dyes, and a variety of fabrics. Eventually, with her representational painting experience, she began to do realistic batik paintings. Inspired by nature, travel and exciting color combinations wherever they are found, her subjects are varied. She has exhibited and taught batik in the US and abroad, including England, Germany, Mexico and Haiti. The years she spent in India are evident in many of her works.






Geese on Ice




Blue Alley

A Sample of Jonathan’s Batik Art

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 No_Credit_PleaseNo Credit Please  Jonathan Evans, British born, is an internationally recognized batik artist who has lived, worked and exhibited all over the world.His batik paintings have been shown in New York, Spain, Bali, Germany and the Textile Museum in Washington, DC. He has taught batik through the Smithsonian Museum Resident Artist Program. Having lived many years in Uttarakhand, Northern India, he has produced an impressive series of Indian portraits and landscapes.





The Bride’s Family


In addition to the beautiful Batik Art that is offered, you will find many unique fine fabric accessories including scarves, shawls and bags.

If your interest in Batik is more than just looking at fine art … classes are available from group sessions to private classes. So whether you want to just sample how this art is made or want to explore more to deepen the skills you have – Check It Out!

Visit the gallery, studio/school and gift shop on Ryus Ave. in La Veta, and visit their website at


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