Take a quick and easy drive north of Walsenburg and discover Pueblo, a culturally and historically-rich Colorado city made famous by being one of the largest steel-producing cities in the U.S.

Built in 1881, Pueblo’s Colorado Fuel and Iron Steel Mill attracted a large number of immigrant laborers, resulting in Pueblo becoming the most ethnically and culturally diverse city in the West. At one point, more than 40 languages were spoken in the steel mill and more than two-dozen foreign language newspapers were published in the city. Irish, Italian, German, Slovenian, Greek, Jewish, Lithuanian, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese, and African-American groups arrived in the area at the turn of the century and remain till today. The convergence of cultures led to the city’s cosmopolitan character, resulting in a number of ethnically-rooted neighborhoods typically not seen west of the Mississippi.

Cool fact: Pueblo publicly recognizes all of its military veterans and is home to more Medal of Honor recipients than any other U.S. municipality. “What is it… something in the water out there in Pueblo? All you guys turn out to be heroes!” President Eisenhower famously said. Thus, the City has earned the nickname, Home of Heroes.

Aside from cultivating an ethnically diverse community unique in Southern Colorado, Pueblo offers exceptional dining and shopping, first-class facilities, a wonderful art scene, recreational activities, and a wide choice of accommodations.

Today, friendly locals and a long list of attraction make the city a great choice for eager explorers. If you’re planning on taking a day trip to Pueblo, check out our calendar. You may be lucky enough to be in town for the Annual Colorado State Fair, nearly two weeks of carnivals, livestock shows, rodeos, and concerts. Or, make sure to drop by any of the following places for a great time.


El Pueblo History Museum
Pueblo Heritage Museum
Weisbord Aircraft Museum
Steelworks Museum
Rosemount Museum
Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture


Historic Arkansas Riverwalk
Pueblo Zoo
Lake Pueblo State Park
Nature and Raptor Center


Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center
Walk through the city’s Creative Corridor