Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat

Spanish Peaks Country plays host to a very special, intimate harp retreat held every year during the Celtic Music Festival.

Harpists come from around the globe for classes and workshops that last from five to 10 hours each. With a very low pupil to teacher ratio, these classes provide opportunities to connect with each other and the instructors.

All harp events are under one roof, while the Saturday evening concert is within walking distance. Enjoy organized meals, a secure harp room where harps may be left throughout the festival, and festival tickets waiting for you at the harp venue.

This harp retreat has become an annual holiday for some who love coming back to a familiar, happy place in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Participants have come from Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Maine, Maryland, Florida, Canada, and Hawaii. But no one comes further than instructors who have joined us from Ireland, Scotland, England, Brittany, and Wales.

Harp Circle

The retreat’s harp circle is a very relaxed experience for all level harpers. Get music in advance and be prepared to play a few practice sessions during the festival before playing on the streets of La Veta or Walsenburg.

Piping Retreat

The Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat also offers a joint workshop with the Spanish Peaks Piping Retreat. An instructor works with a lead piper during the year, practicing tunes harps and pipes can play together. Tunes are sent to harpers before the retreat and are worked on again during the retreat.  On Saturday of the retreat, there is a workshop for both instruments.

Check out our calendar for this year’s dates.