Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival

Attend the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival and become enchanted by world-renowned Celtic artists and scholars guaranteed to keep you singing, dancing, and enjoying music day and night in various locations throughout Spanish Peaks Country!

Hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago, Spanish Peaks Country became an intersection of cultures and traditions. Indigenous natives, Spanish explorers, mountain men, traders, work seekers, and homesteaders migrated from foreign lands to hunt, mine, farm, and survive in the region.

Over time, folks began to gather together in places they named La Veta, La Plaza de los Leones (now known as Walsenburg), Gardner, and Cuchara. In these places, people of many backgrounds shared a commonality in stories, music, song, and dance.

The Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival (SPICMF) has been perpetuating these customs during the last full weekend of September for over a decade. It has been a preferred place to meet with others who share a passion for the various sounds from Celtic cultures that have been separated by time, miles, and local traditions.

Musicians have come from Ireland, Scotland, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain to teach and perform. In the process, musical connections have been made and enjoyed not just through regional representations but also from spotlighting connecting genres from Jazz to Americana.

Each year, the folks behind SPICMF bring some of the best musicians in the world to perform, inspire, and experience the magic of Spanish Peaks Country. Festival-goers come from near and far to listen, learn, sing, dance, and celebrate. The festival’s events are designed for all levels, interests, and budgets and are offered in a relaxed environment.

In conjunction with the festival, there are also two retreats—one for harps and one for pipes!

Check out our calendar for this year’s dates.