Story Pitch: Explore Southern Colorado’s Scenic Byways

Breckenridge, Vail, Estes Park, Aspen… these towns seem to get all the attention. Out-of-state visitors flock to their forests, slopes, and crowded downtowns without considering some of Colorado’s other regions rich in geological wonders, steeped in fascinating history, and dotted by charming Main Streets.

Without big-name cities like Steamboat Springs or Durango, Southeastern Colorado often gets passed over. But for those who choose to venture along the path less traveled—exploring Huerfano, Custer, and Las Animas counties—they discover a whole new side of Colorado, a place where the passionate, the brilliant, the unusual, and the unexpected reside. 

What better way to explore Southern Colorado than along the Frontier Pathways, Highway of Legends, and Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byways? These three scenic byways cross-cross the region, bringing visitors through stunning landscapes and past unique attractions.  

What’s New? As of 2021, Highway of Legends is now a National Scenic Byway. 

We’d like to propose an article that describes each of these scenic byways. Topics will include geological features, historical landmarks, famous residents, and roadside attractions like Bishop’s castle, Devils Stairsteps, and the bricked streets and Italianate stonework of Trinidad. 

By outlining the wonders of the region, I hope this article sparks enough interest for readers to forgo Colorado’s more popular attractions and cities and head to where new discoveries lay. 

Media Contact:
Lindsay Diamond