What’s Open Now That Trees Are Down in Cuchara? The Good News? LOTS!

If you’re traveling to Spanish Peaks Country this summer and heard the news about the fallen trees, have no fear. While there are trees down in and around Cuchara, closing some trails and some campgrounds, there are still loads of wonderful and beautiful places to set up camp and play outdoors. Fortunately for our visitors, Spanish Peaks Country is a big place with various stunning landscapes from the north side of Huerfano County all the way to the south. 

Looking for a place to go in or around Cuchara? Below is a list of recommendations for hiking, camping, and more… that are open and ready for you!

If you want to camp in other parts of Spanish Peaks Country, check out our campground map. Same with hiking! There are great trails all over the county. Check out our Walsenburg trail map and our La Veta trail map for lots of choices. 

For more information on the local National Forest, please visit Pike-San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands

Open Cuchara Campgrounds

Purgatoire Campground is open. Some sites are reservable at recreation.gov.

Open Cuchara Trails

The Lower Section of North Fork Trail: The public has done a wonderful job clearing this section of the trail, accessible from the campground. 

Cordova Pass is open and clear on the Huerfano (west) side. 

West Peak is clear.

Baker Creek Trail has been cleared by Forest Service crews.

Dodgeton and Shortcut Trails have been cleared by FS crews. Indian Trail is open to the Raspberry Mountain area. Work continues moving north from there.

Bullseye Road to the Wahatoya Trailhead. Please advise, 4×4 high clearance is needed to negotiate the route.

The road to Blue Lake is open and fishing is allowed, though there is no camping there or at Bear Lake. 

Volunteers will be working to clear Dyke Trail near Cuchara the weekend of June 25th. This beautiful hike is a spur of the Colorado Front Range Trail.

Please Avoid

Unfortunately, there are some places still affected by the fallen trees. Here are the places we recommend avoiding… for now. 

The Upper Section of North Fork Trail: The upper section of the trail has extreme blowdown and entry is not advised. The north trailhead on FSR 436 is closed to the public by Special Order as is the entire length of Trinchera Peak Rd. 436.

Wildcat Trail is currently inaccessible.

The Las Animas (east) side of Cordova Pass has numerous trees down but is passable.

Dike Trail has not been cleared by Forest Service crews.

No travel beyond Blue Lake to Bear Lake and the south end of the Indian Trail.

FSR 421/Indian Creek Road is closed to motorized use by special order from the Forest Boundary to Indian Trailhead.