Spanish Peaks Country in Southern Colorado has drawn explorers, settlers, and visitors for centuries. Cut by a scenic highway wrapped in tales and tradition and packed with natural wonders, outdoor recreation, and artistic inspiration, this unique corner of Colorado is here for you to get back to some place new.

​​Highway of Legends National Scenic Byway

Running 82 miles, the Highway of Legends National Scenic Byway offers scenic appeal at every turn, including volcanic dikes, vibrant forests, and graceful meadows. Elevate your experience by listening to the Highway of Legends immersive audio tour as you navigate through the awe-inspiring beauty.


Along with the natural splendor of Spanish Peaks Country, the region holds not-to-be-missed attractions. Places like Mission:Wolf, Cuchara Mountain Park, and countless trails and state parks are available for endless exploration. Embark on a journey to discover these distinctive gems.

Geology & Mountains

Around 25 million years ago, molten rock from the Earth’s mantle flowed into lower fractures, cooling and congealing beneath the crust, originating what would become the skyscraping Spanish Peaks. Learn more about this geological paradise formed by ancient volcanic activity and erosion.

Get Back to Some Place New

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