Music & Theater

The music and theater scenes in Spanish Peaks Country play a vital role in enriching the lives of locals and visitors. Set against the hypnotic splendor of the Spanish Peaks, it’s no surprise to find an abundance of artistic expression within these timeless forms of performing arts. Across a wide range of genres, talented musicians perform everywhere from local restaurants, lounges, theaters, to multiple annual music festivals, and more. Equally vibrant, the theater scene thrives in numerous performance venues, including the iconic Fox Theater and the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts.

Spanish Peaks Day One La Veta

Some of the highest forms of music and theatrical expression are found in regions that offer surreal beauty on the level of Spanish Peaks Country. Spellbinding grandeur is found in every direction, lending local artists abundant inspiration. Likewise, touring theater and musical acts flock to the area to soak in the beauty and perform within a landscape where the line between life and art is nearly non-existent.

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