High elevations, low humidity, and minimal light pollution make Spanish Peaks Country a world-class place to stargaze. La Veta and Cuchara are members of Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night, a self-guided tour of seven Colorado locations known for dark skies and otherworldly stargazing opportunities. Stargazing is an elevated experience the entire family can enjoy, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Marvel at the Milky Way, learn the constellations, and gaze in awe as you encounter some of the best stargazing on the planet.
Spanish Peaks Day One La Veta
You deserve the best, and when it comes to stargazing, Spanish Peaks Country delivers. Unlike major cities overrun with light pollution, our region pairs high elevation and low humidity with limited light pollution to form the ideal setting for stargazing. Few things in life never get old — gazing upward at a clear, dark sky filled with vivid stars is, without a doubt, one of them.

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