The rich history of Spanish Peaks Country cannot be overstated. Long before legendary names of the American West like Wyatt Earp, Mother Jones, Bat Masterson, and Charles and William Bent echoed throughout the region, indigenous cultures began the captivating tapestry showcased in its museums. From Native American artifacts to why Walsenburg was dubbed the “City Built on Coal” to an original adobe fort, Spanish Peaks Country is a history buff’s playground.
Spanish Peaks Day One La Veta
Entering many of the museums of Spanish Peaks Country is like stepping into a time machine. The Francisco Fort Museum offers an immersive experience in the last surviving original adobe fort in Colorado. The Walsenburg Mining Museum shares the stories of coal miners overcoming adversity and why Walsenburg was called the “City Built on Coal.” Explore these and other museums to soak in the fascinating history and culture of the region.

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