A Brief Heritage Tour of Spanish Peaks County

History lives on in Spanish Peaks Country thanks to several cultural institutions that carry the stories of the past. In just a few hours, history buffs can learn a lot about the people and events that shaped the county. If all you have is an afternoon, be sure to check out these two museums.

Activity #1 – Walsenburg Mining Museum

Walsenburg was called the “City Built on Coal” during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and nowhere else in Spanish Peaks Country will give you as much opportunity to learn why than the Walsenburg Mining Museum.

Follow the battles between the coal miners and mine operators, examine artifacts associated with the mining industry, and walk among dioramas depicting mining life.

Activity #2 – Francisco Fort Museum

The Francisco Fort Museum is the last surviving original adobe fort in the state. It houses artifacts representing multiple eras of Huerfano County’s history, including American, Spanish settler, and pioneer artifacts. More specifically, visitors to the museum will view weapons, wagons, saddles, clothing, a one-room schoolhouse, and a saloon from Old La Veta’s Main Street containing the bullet-scarred bar owned by Bob Ford after he shot Jesse James.