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Greenhorn Mountain
Greenhorn Mountain

This small group of photos commemorates an early morning journey onto Greenhorn Mountain.
Greenhorn Mountain is at the southern end of the Wet Mountains. There is Forest
Service road right to the bottom of the rock pile, then you walk. The parking area
is right at the boundary of the
Greenhorn Mountain National Wilderness Area
of the
San Isabel National Forest

Reaching the top of the North Peak only took an hour from the parking place
but the trail led straight across the face of the rock pile that the peak is composed
of. This was early October and the wind was pretty stiff, especially at sunrise.
As soon as we crested the edge of the rock face we were in a large bowl of grass
and small shrubs.

The going was very easy but the wind was howling. The South Peak (12,346′)
was across the mountaintop meadow but when we reached the ridgeline we’d have to
walk for a mile, the wind convinced us to be content with reaching the top of the
North Peak (12,221′). When we left here we went north thru the Wet Mountains
and took the
Wet Mountain photos
in this branch of the San Isabel National Forest.

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side of the mountain
The side of the mountain
the summit rock pile
The Summit Rock Pile
looking east
Looking east from the top
looking west
The Western View
looking east
The Eastern View
looking north
The Northern View
sunrise over the sangres
Sunrise over the Sangres
Sunrise over Mt. Mestas
Sunrise over the Sangres
Spanish Peaks
The Spanish Peaks
Mt. Blanca
Mt. Blanca
looking north
Looking north over the Wet Mountains