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Sheep and Little Sheep Mountains

Huerfano County, Colorado

Sheep Mountains
The Sheeps from due north
the Sheep Mountains
The Sheeps from the northwest
Sheep (10,635′) and Little Sheep (9,679′) Mountains are in a line heading northward from Mt. Mestas. Both of these mountains are composed of the same granitic stock materials as Mt. MestasSilver Mountain, Rough Mountain, and the Spanish Peaks. Climbing on them is climbing mostly on boulders and loose talus slopes. Even under the trees nearly everything is loose.

ARCO was drilling in this area a number of years ago, looking for natural gas. What they found was a large bubble of carbon dioxide. These days there is a pipeline running from this area down to the Permian Basin in west Texas carrying that CO2 to be pumped down injection wells to force the oil out.

Sheep Mountain
Sheep Mountain from the northeast
Sheep Mountain from the northwest
The Sheep Mountains from Malachite
The “mass” of both of these mountains is owned by the BLM, however, there is at least one subdivision of 35-40 acre properties at the foot of them bordering on the BLM. Forget utilities (“the grid”) in most of the area. About the only road that seems to get regular maintenance is Pass Creek Road on the west side. As the population in this area is very sparse and the biggest user is ARCO (and their sub-contractors), the roads on the east side are mostly unmarked, never mind regularly maintained.
Little Sheep Mountain
Little Sheep Mountain from the east
Sheep and Little Sheep Mountains, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Huerfano County, Colorado
Sheep Mountain from the southeast