Huajatolla Heritage Festival

The Huajatolla Heritage Festival is a special two-day event in Spanish Peaks Country that honors the area’s Hispano and Native American cultures.

This June, come and honor Hispano and Native American Cultures through music, art, food, dance, education, and more in the shadows of the beautiful Spanish Peaks (The Huajatollas or Wahatoyas).

The Huajatolla Heritage Festival is hosted by the Huajatolla Heritage Foundation, a grassroots organization of artists, visionaries, educators, and community leaders in La Veta, Colorado who strive to preserve rich Colorado heritage through exploration and sharing of culture, language, art, and spiritual beliefs.

The Huajatolla Heritage Foundation acknowledges the importance of providing opportunities to participate in cultural sharing. Cross-cultural sharing of differences and similarities improves understanding and deepens appreciation for societal values, perspective, culture, and history.

Check out our calendar for this year’s dates.