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Ricky Tims – Spanish Peaks Country Quilting Retreats … Music … and More

Spanish Peaks Country is blessed with an amazing array of talented folks that call this area home. The unselfish contributions by these gifted Huerfanos enhance the total experience of visiting a land already rich in history, natural wonders, and artistic inspiration.

One of Spanish Peaks’ multitalented folks is Ricky Tims … musician … photographer … and internationally famous quilter.

Ricky says “Music is my first language. It lives within my soul. It has been an important part of my life since before my first memories. There are few things in my creative journey that touch and move me more than music. While music is not the main focus of my career, it plays an important part in my life. As a composer, performer, producer, and recording artist, music was the primary link allowing me to cross over to the visual arts. The compositional devices in music closely parallel the elements of art and principles of design.”

As a small sample here is “Christmas in a Small Town.”

Ricky Tims has successfully blended two diverse passions into one very unique and interesting career. His skills as a pianist, composer and producer have been evident by the thousands who have heard his music. His success as a quilter is equally significant.

He is known in the international world of quilting as a best-selling author, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, an award-winning quilter, fabric designer, and a talented and spellbinding speaker. His innovative and entertaining presentations, feature live music and humor combined with scholarly insights and wisdom. His quilts have been displayed worldwide and are highly regarded as excellent examples of contemporary quilts with traditional appeal.

Ricky’s has made quilts that have won numerous international awards. He began designing and making quilts in 1991, and was recently named as one of The Thirty Most Distinguished Quilters in the World. In 2009 he was selected (in a three-way tie) by the readers of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine as The Most Influential Person in the Quilting Industry. in 2008 he was profiled and featured on the popular television news show, CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.

Several times a year, Ricky Tims offers a five-day, independent study retreats to small groups of ten students at the Tims Art Quilt Retreat Center in La Veta, CO. The retreat is designed to cultivate self-expression through the medium of quilt-making. Introspective morning talks and journaling and creative assignments are the foundations on which students pursue outward creative expression. The independent study format enables Ricky to guide each person toward their own personal goals for the week. Quilters of all experience levels are welcome to attend.

More Information: http://www.rickytims.com/retreats/retreat-info

and – http://www.rickytims.com

and – http://rickytimscreative.com