Top Reason to Visit La Veta and Cuchara

  1. La Veta and Cuchara have some of the most unique geological features in the country.
  2. The 82-mile Highway of Legends was selected by The Lonely Planet as one of Colorado’s best Scenic Byways.
  3. La Veta and Cuchara are alive with entertainment, theater, music in small venues, and music festivals in multiple venues.
  4. La Veta and Cuchara are safe and friendly destinations for the whole family.
  5. La Veta and Cuchara are home to Colorado’s first State Park and the only one with a golf course
  6. There’s rustic and fine cuisine made from locally grown, sustainable produce and meat.
  7. There are only two traffic lights in the county, neither of which are located in La Veta or Cuchara.
  8. La Veta and Cuchara offer easy access to National Forests and pristine wilderness with areas for hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and viewing wildlife.
  9. These towns are located halfway between Denver and Santa Fe.
  10. La Veta and Cuchara are creative vacation destinations to shop for that one-of-a-kind gift of jewelry, art, pottery, fiber art, and batik. Or, take a class from one of their world-class artists and attend an art festival.
  11. Visit La Veta and tour a historic district with unique buildings made by stonemasons who used locally quarried yellow sandstone and the Francisco Fort Museum.
  12. Enjoy 300 days of sunshine and refreshing mountain air for a healthy, relaxing stay.
  13. Peruse the second best library in the country.