Walsenburg and La Veta Parks

Spanish Peaks Country’s public parks serve a vital role for locals and visitors alike. From baseball fields and playgrounds to skate parks and basketball courts, there’s something for everyone. Whether you live in town or are visiting for a day or two, be sure to check out one of our parks to play, relax, or gather with friends.

Walsenburg Parks

#1 – City Park / Walsenburg Skate Park
700 W. 7th St. (next to Walsenburg Wild Waters)
Playground, picnic pavilions, skate park

#2 – Fiesta Park
928 Russell Ave.
Picnic tables, softball/baseball fields

#3 – Heritage Park at the Depot
400 Main St.
Picnic tables, shade, tourist info

#4 – Pinon Street Park
Between 1st and Pinon St.
Playground, tennis, racquetball, outdoor basketball courts, picnic pavilion

#5 – Miners Plaza
Corner of 6th and Main St.
Stage, sculptural shade features, amenities for community festivals

La Veta Parks

#6 – La Veta Town Park
Ryus Ave. near the Rio Grande Train Depot
Playground, picnic pavilion, skate park, art gallery

#7 – La Veta Skate Park
Corner of Ryus Ave. and Oak near the Rio Grande Train Depot

Public parks only stay open to the public if the public (you and I) do our part to keep it clean and safe. Please apply Leave no Trace and Care for Colorado principles in our ‘urban’ parks just as much as in the wilderness.  Learn more.